NOMAR X Out to Sea-Harvest Basket

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Made in Alaska with our foraging friends in mind, the Harvest Basket is a custom collaboration of NOMAR and Out to Sea. This bag was designed for harvesting wild food like berries, beach asparagus, mushrooms, seaweed and more! 


-Adjustable strap and drawstring top allows for easy collection of wild food while traversing the varied terrain of southeast Alaska and beyond

-The strap is also removable which allows the basket to be used as a lightweight colander for rinsing

-Made from the same material as NOMAR Brailer Bags, so they are durable enough to withstand weather & wear, but pack down easily when not in use. 

-Made from surplus and scrap material when possible, so color combinations vary. Color options are grouped based on warm (yellow, orange, red) and cool (green, blue, purple). If you have a particular color preference, feel free to contact us or stop by our physical location.